UOZA ProductionPies 2.3 for Blender

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UOZA ProductionPies 2.3 for Blender

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Collection of 8 Pie Menus and 11 operators for Blender 2.83 (LTS) or 2.9x

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Workflow oriented package containing a mix of accessibility and QoL (Quality of Life) Pies and Operators to improve productivity such as selection and visibility tools.

  • Uoza - Component+Transform Pie

Component Select Mode Pie Menu similar (actually better) than that of Autodesk Maya. It skips the "exit edit mode, select object, enter edit mode" process. Works for single and multi objects. Add or remove objects to the selection by holding Shift while in Pie Menu modal.

Transform Pie: From v2.0 transform operators (Grab, Scale, Rotate) have been added to the Component Pie diagonals keeping the same Component Pie workflow. Keymap: Right Mouse Button

  • Uoza - Hide/Lock Pie

A Pie Menu version of "Object Types Visibility" that works also for "Types Selection" in the bottom row. If you hold Shift while in Pie Menu modal you would do exclusive type so all types except selected will be hidden/locked. Pie buttons highlight conveniently depending on current applied masks. Keymap: F

  • Uoza - Collections Pie

Intuitive and Gesture based Collection Pie Menu, with visual state cues and 2 extra operators; Isolate Current Collection and Show All Cutters, to easily unhide HOps "Cutters" Collection child members. Also allows for Alt modal modifier to isolate chosen collection and Ctrl to lock/unlock collection. Keymap: Shift+X

  • Uoza - Z/Toggle Shading Pie

This is a more useful Z Pie Menu that I called Z/toggle for a reason. Each button is a toggle therefore doubling the possibilities of Pie's 8 buttons limit. New buttons have been added for a typical modeling workflow like "Random" shading mode,, "Face Orientation" for normals, "Show NGon/Tris" for topology (requires HOPS), or "Solid/Wireframe" object mode commonly used for cutters in HOPS. Rendered also shares a toggle with Solid, so it automatically sets Overlays and Wireframe. Keymap: Z

  • Uoza - Smart Align Pie

View referred axis constrained align pie menu. Easily and intuitively align objects depending on the view coordinates and the side selected, it will match the closest projected axis for alignment. Keymap: Shift+Z

  • Uoza - Smart Node Pies

Two Node Editor Pie Menus to economize on hotkeys (and the need of memorizing them). One action pie (Space) which includes Frame, Reroute, Make Link, Search... and another one (Z) to add more useful nodes like Voronoi, Noise, Math, Vector Math, ColorRamp and so on. Keymap: Space, Z

  • Uoza - Smart Selection Pie

Started as a fork from a blend of Wazou's Selection and Active Tool Pie Menus, but evolved into a Smart Selection Pie with new operators and each of them tuned to be context sensitive and smart. It includes Select Cast, Select Similar, Smart Isolate, and tuned operators like Select Random, Select Border, Select Loose, Select Loop/Ring or Focus In/Out that will save you some steps. Now it also works on Curves. Keymap: C

Since the main structure is mostly refactored code I have also shared it on my Github

  • 11 operators

For the integrated Pie Menus check my Github forks.

Unhide Last

Unhide last hidden objects with any depth history, single or multi objects.

Smart Isolate

In Smart Selection Pie, isolate operator to hide everything except selected objects and 'LIGHT' types. Therefore isolating an object in EEVE and avoiding the scene turning black. Also works in Edit Mode for isolating components.

Select Similar

Included in Smart Selection Pie, it allows to select similar objects by vertex number using a slider for similarity percentage. Use "V" to toggle between Vertex Count and Volume mode.

Select Cast

In Smart Selection Pie, replaces Circle Select tool for Object Mode since it didn't select at all unless you passed near the Object's origin. Now you can select and deselect (with Ctrl) just by hovering over any part of the Mesh Object.

Mouse Wheel Subdivide

Subdivide your mesh objects with Ctrl+Wheel, works in multiobjects and respects Simplify limits, as well as an internal hard limit.

Hierarchy Select

Navigate through the hierarchy with the arrow keys. With Shift and the Mouse Wheel you can add-select the upper hierarchy, meaning, you can easily select all sibling objects with a simple Shift+WheelUp.

Multi Origin to Bottom

Set all the selected object origins to their individual bottom. Works even with rotated parents. Include it in Wazou's Pivot Pie Menu.

Copy Origin

Copy the origin of a mesh to another mesh origin. I suggest to include it in Wazou's Pivot Pie Menu.

Apply Delta

If you got some transformations in Delta Transforms you can zero them out with this operator. Now it becomes easy to abuse it as a placeholder for proxy transforms on your object for test purposes until committed with "Apply Delta". I suggest to include it in Wazou's Apply Pie Menu.

Force Autosave

A way to manually save a state of your work on your temp folder without actually saving the file. Useful if you are not doing anything serious, tests, or as a backup before trying out something unstable. I suggest to include it in MACHIN3Tools' Save Pie Menu.

Open Last

It opens the last saved file. With Shift you can skip quit.blend. The difference with MACHIN3Tools' "Most Recent" Operator is that this one also searches on the TEMP folder, where Autosaves (and Force Autosaved) files are stored.


- Node Editor Pies: Use Transform for Search items

- Node Editor Pies: Shift+Frame to UnFrame

- ZToggle Pie: Shift+Solid to change to Material View instead of Rendered


- Node Editor Pies: Two Pies for the Node Editor


- Smart Align Pie: View Referred Object mode Align Pie

- Hierarchy Select: New Operator - Arrow Keys:Navigate Shift+Arrows/Wheel: (Un)select Parent Groups

- ZToggle Pie: Synced edit mode xray appearance to object mode

- ZToggle Pie: Shift+Right switches to Bounds shading mode

- Smart Selection Pie: Add to Select Loop Border with Shift

- Fixed straight to Subdivision level 2 the first time Ctrl+Wheel is invoked


- General: Modifications for the new VOLUME type

- Multi Origin to Bottom: New Operator (works with rotated parents)

- Wheel Roll Subdivision: New Operator (multiobject support) (Ctrl+Wheel)

- Smart Selection Pie: Added Smart Invert Selection (by Selected Type(s))

- Smart Selection Pie: Focus In/Out improved behavior (by Selected Type(s))

- Smart Selection Pie: New Loop Inner/Outer button

- Smart Selection Pie: Select by Island (Linked) and UV Island (Seams)

- Smart Selection Pie: Smart Isolate syntax bugfix

- Smart Selection Pie: Select Camera fix for v2.83

- Unhide Last: Extend to hide_render

- Unhide Last: Integrated Hide Unselected (Shift+H)

- Unhide Last: Integrated UnHide All (Ctrl+Alt+H)

- ZToggle Pie: Solid/Wireframe multiobject support

- ZToggle Pie: Display Ngon/Tris multiobject support

- Collections Pie: Unlock All Collections operator button

- Component Pie: Disable object mode change over a locked mesh

- "Quit no-prompt" operator to include in MACHIN3Tools Save Pie

- Removed 'Repeat' property from keymaps


- Transform Cast New Pie: Merged into "Right Mouse" Component Pie

- Component Pie: Fixed None Active exceptions

- Component Pie: Improved behavior under locked meshes

- Collections Pie: Added Lock Support

- Smart Selection Pie: Select Loose; Macro for Separate by Loose Parts

- Smart Selection Pie: Select Border, New Operator

- Smart Selection Pie: Smart Isolate also in Edit Mode

- Smart Selection Pie: Focus In/Out Improved behavior


- Unhide Last: New Operator. Show last hidden object(s) in order

- Smart Selection Pie: Select Similar, New Op. Modal slider to select similar meshes by Verts or Volume %

- Smart Selection Pie: Select Cast, New Op. Paint Select tool for object mode, since the original only worked around origins

- Smart Selection Pie: Select Random, Op Mod. Added "Select Random" to Edit Mode Selection Pie and turned it into a modal

- Smart Selection Pie: Smart Isolate: Included Volumes as exceptions

- Component Pie: Fix for Smart Isolate and faster execution time by improving exclusion execution logic

- Keymaps: Overrides improved out-of-the-box, still Component and Collection Pie need manual setup

- Reworked Addon preferences UI

- Smaller bugfixes


- Open Last...: New Operator. Opens the last saved file, from either project or TEMP

- Collections Pie: Extra ops as a Sub Pie

- Collections Pie: Isolate Collection now for Selected (not Active), also fixed items in Child Coll

- Collections Pie: "Show All Cutters" now also unhides the collection as well

- Collections Pie: Decals and Cutters Collections, pinned positions

- Smart Selection Pie: Smart Isolate will show light objects even if hidden from parent Collection Visibility

- ZToggle Pie: Random Material Toggle, macroed Overlays for Rendered/Solid

- Hide/Lock Pie: Synced the bonus operators

- Component Pie: Disable raycast for Local View (Workaround fix)


- Component Pie: Exclusion Logic - Refactor (faster and bugfixes)

- Smart Selection Pie: Supports SmartLoop/Ring from Maxivz's addon

- Smart Selection Pie: Isolate button now shows Local View state

- Smart Selection Pie: Added Focus In/Out to Edit Mode to sync with Object Mode Pie

- Smart Selection Pie: Select Boundary embedded "Select All"


- Collections Pie: new Pie


- Poll rework

- Hide/Lock Pie: Small fixes to Shift modifier

- Component Pie: Correct Pie to Operator mouse location registering

- Smart Selection Pie: Smart Isolate now works per viewport

- Smart Selection Pie: Replaced "Select All" button with "Box Zoom" operator


- Hide/Lock Pie: Repurposed Shift modal

- Smart Selection Pie: Added custom Isolate operator to not hide 'LIGHT' types

- Smart Selection Pie: Added Select Camera (shortcut to access Cam settings)


- Promoted to 2.82 compatible

- Component Pie: Function refactor and better handling of Cutters

- Component Pie: Fixed handling of objects in children collections

- Documentation and modded operator Pies uploaded to Github


- Component Pie: Skips locked + fake visibility objects, Volume Boxes and Cutters

- Component Pie: Shift modal now deselects object if it is selected (Object mode only)

- Component Pie: Added Ctrl modal modifier to skip "under cursor" feature


- Initial release

>> Support: blenderartists.org/t/1191616

>> Web: artstation.com/Dogway

>> Github: github.com/Dogway

Copyright (c) 2022 Jose Linares

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